Shelter Plus Care
Housing the homeless through community partnerships

What is the Shelter Plus Care Program?

The Shelter Plus Care Program (S+C) is available through a partnership between the Huntington WV Housing Authority (HHA) and two partnering agencies: Prestera Center for MHS and the Tri-State Aids Task Force.

Prestera Center for MHS and the Tri-State Aids Task Force are the partners that refer their homeless clients to the HHA to place an application for the S+C Program.

Once a client is determine eligible for the program and have met all of the requirements they will be able to rent an apartment, house, mobile home, etc. of their choice. HHA offers assistance with the cost of rent and utilities.

To qualify as homeless you must be living at the Huntington City Mission, an eligible Prestera Center Transitional Living Facility or a place note suitable for human habitation (ex. car, outside, etc.).

The Huntington WV Housing Authority administers the Shelter Plus Care Program in Cabell and Wayne Counties, WV. We maintain a waiting list and try to place all applicants as quickly as possible.

To help applications with the application process HHA relies on a key partnership with the applicant’s referring agency (Prestera Center for MHS or the Tri-State Task Force). The joint effort of all the agencies makes this program successful in housing the area’s homeless that have been diagnosed with physical and/or mental disabilities.

Progam Steps

  1. Initial application with your Prestera or TSATF case worker.
    • To complete an application you must turn in:
    • Birth Certificates
    • Social Security Cards
    • Proof of all income received
    • Proof of homelessness
    • Various required documents from referring agency
  2. Once you and your representative from your referring agency have turned in all of the required paper work, you will be place on a waiting list at the Housing Authority.
  3. Once your name reaches the top of the waiting list your caseworker will contact you to come into The HHA to do a briefing. The briefing gives detailed information about SPC and the rules and regulations of the program.
  4. Once you have attended the briefing you are free to start looking for your unit. Before moving in or signing a lease, your new place must be inspected by a HHA Inspector. After you return the very important paper work to the HHA an inspection will be scheduled. Your rental assistance will not begin until the first day of the following month after your unit passes inspection.
  5. You will have to sign a 1 year lease and other paper work for your new place.

Additional Information

Application packets are available through your caseworkers of your referring agency

After you place an application for the S+C Program all communication and information regarding the next steps will be given to you through your caseworker from your referring agency.

It is against all program rules to not cooperate with your referring agency while applying for and receiving assistance from the S+C Program.

Your caseworker from your referring agency will be responsible for helping you complete your paper work, finding a place and any other assistance you will need.

There are 2 different types of S+C; the first is called “Tenant-Based” and is when we assist you in a place that you choose to live. The 2nd is called “Project-Based” and is when we assist an apartment through the person that lives there. Project-Based assistance is only for the apartment and cannot be moved to another unit.

When you first get on S+C you will have to live in the same place for 1 year, after that you may relocate if you would like to.

Once you are on the program you will have to complete new paper work and have a new inspection at least once a year.


P: 304 - 526 - 4400