Seniors: Life in Public Housing

The Huntington WV Housing Authority has many rentals set aside for those aged 55 and over. Many of our senior residents live in the four high rise apartment buildings located throughout Huntington. Living in a high rise can be beneficial for seniors, as it isn’t just somewhere to live. The Housing Authority provides many supportive services to our seniors as well.

As the Senior Service Coordinator, I help many of our seniors obtain and maintain the social services they need. These services include insurance benefits, transportation, help with doctor’s appointments, nutrition, finance budgeting, and much more. The Housing Authority also provides a payee service through Social Security for those seniors who aren’t able to effectively budget their own money.

Not only do our seniors have supportive services, but they can also attend the many educational presentations held in the community rooms as well. We have had presentations on hearing loss, diabetes, incontinence, fall risk prevention, and Medicare. There are also monthly chair exercises and wellness screenings, including blood pressure checks, offered to our high rise residents.

Each high rise has its own Resident Council. Those who wish to participate in the Council work together to plan holiday dinners, BINGO nights, and other entertainment for the residents.

As you can see, seniors who live in public housing have many opportunities afforded to them which can help keep them healthy, active, and social. We continue to strive to improve the lives of all of our residents through the many programs and activities we offer.

For more information, please contact the Huntington WV Housing Authority at (304)526-4400.

By: Jessica Waggoner, Senior Service Coordinator

Senior Fun Day

Senior Fun Day, held every fall, is an event for all of our senior residents. The Housing Authority provides food, games, and entertainment. Many agencies come to the event as well. Below are some pictures from Senior Fun Day 2015. The theme was “You’re Never Too Old To Mardi Gras!”